Tuesday, 28 April 2009


The ignominy of it! I got chased by a cat! Daddy says it was so funny. He will never let me forget it. I went round to see an admirer who has a cat named Sasha. I knew she was at her flat because I could smell her and her food was about - thank you, Sasha! Anyway, I went into the spare room to investigate and she was hiding. I have never seen this cat before as she always hides when I am around. So I did what had to be done by any self-respecting canine and barked to get some response. But I got more than I bargained for. She charged at me out of the blue and I was so surprised I ran for it. So Daddy and Muriel were there in the lounge seeing me running through being chased by Sasha. When I composed myself, I turned round and there was a stand-off, me barking again and Sasha just staring at me. Eventually, Sasha sloped off and I was left to nurse my pride.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Geesh... Ummm... I will just pretend I didn't hear that...



*Thanks for the picture! I added it to you sidebar!!*