Thursday, 25 September 2008


Last week, we went through the bronze award syllabus. I think Daddy needs to brush up on the theory.

Yesterday (I am now 9 months old), we did some agility and we were timed. Now I think that was cool and I look forward to doing more of that.

Daddy asked if I was underweight and the trainers thought not. Maybe I should eat a bit more especially on long walks, but otherwise I am OK. Chappie might be a good idea to supplement my food. Daddy asked this because some people have suggested I should eat more. I agree with them!

Daddy was also advised that cold tea is good for cleaning the eyes. Daddy's going to try that.

My social diary

Daddy and I have spent a few days in Newbury again. While I was there, Daddy arranged for me to meet up with Brunel, a Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy in training. He is a bit younger than me, but he was good fun. I also met Poppy, my mother, and Evie, my sister. We had a great time. Here are some pictures taken in Lambourn. Notice my long tail!


Had another great day last Friday at Pawstretchers. Daddy at last was able to complete the Cotswold Way and he thought 20 miles was a bit too far for me. Maybe I will be able to do that when I have grown up.

Getting lost

Last week, I had a first - I got separated from Daddy. No, I was not lost, but after chasing a rabbit, I could not find Daddy again. He had run off somewhere else. So I did the obvious thing and found my way home again. Who needs a GPS? When Daddy decided to turn up, I was about to be taken to the vet as the vet's telephone number was on my tag. (So was my number, but never mind.)

Monday, 15 September 2008

A long morning walk

On Friday, Daddy organised a long morning walk (9½ miles) - half of the Jubilee Way. We started walking at Tytherington and finished at Aust. You can see the route (and some photos) here, but I went at least twice that far! Here I am having elevensies.

Frampton Country Fair

I entered the Companion Dog Show yesterday. Daddy wanted me to enter 1 'best puppy', 10 'best condition', 14 'waggiest tail' and 18 'dog the judge would most like to take home'. After 3 hours, we had reached number 10 and I didn't get anywhere. Daddy thought we had done enough hanging around and went home. I didn't mind - Daddy thinks I am number 1 anyway! Here are the winners of best puppy and best condition:

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Lost keys

Daddy is very grateful for me today. I should be able to trade on this for a long time.

He lost some keys on this afternoon's walk. How he did that, I do not know. I am sure I had nothing to do with it but he was throwing me some sticks. So this evening, we retraced our steps. This was harder than it sounds as we went for a long walk around two fields and in some woods. Anyway, Daddy had just about resigned himself to having to get the keys copied and I found them, sitting in the middle of the first field! Aren't I the clever one?

Secondary school

I went to my first class at 'secondary school' last night. It was great. I met some old friends and some new ones. As there were only 5 of us (Daddy said there was a certain football match on telly and the weather was foul again), we had a lot of tuition. We were given the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award syllabus. (Is that edible?) We practised most of it and I think the trainers were pleased with my progress. Daddy needs to work on my 'sit'. It's not my fault I don't know what he means. We also learned 'away/down' which means go to bed. I don't like the sound of that. To me, lying down is a last resort when there is nothing else happening.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Teckels Fun Dog Show

On Sunday I took Daddy to Teckels Fun Dog Show at Whitminster Inn to see what goes on. We were invited by Celine, one of my trainers. Daddy entered me into best pup, handsomest dog and best any breed. I didn't get anywhere but it was interesting to see so many other dogs. The best bit was taking part in the fastest recall competition. That was more my cup of tea! I did quite well, but there were a few greyhounds and lurchers to compete with!

This hot dog won the best fancy dress - I could have eaten it!

Here is the line-up for the best in show.

Geriatric Wainwrights

We spent the last fortnight in the Lake District, when we did a lot of swimming rather than walking as it rained most of the time. My previous posts showed some of my exploits in the water. The longest walk was this one which took us over Wool Knott, Tottlebank Height and Blawith Knott. These are in Wainwright's The Outlying Fells of Lakeland (also known as the Geriatric Wainwrights). We also did some tarn bagging as well (Beacon Tarn again, a tarn at White Borran which is not on Nuttalls' list, and Lang Tarn).

Lake Bank

Here is my favourite activity - jumping off the pier at Lake Bank, Coniston Water. I haven't yet plucked up courage to jump off the big one.

Ferry gliding

I have learned a new skill - ferry gliding. It is a very useful skill that canoeists have to cross a current. Here I am in the Duddon Estuary at Roanhead, swimming for a tennis ball.


There is a strange phenomenon regarding flat-coated retrievers. You wait ages for one, then three come along at once! Just like buses! Here, I am playing with Sierra, my new friend from London who stayed with me in the Lakes. I also met Merlin for the first time there and the three of us had races on Coniston Water. Great fun.

Sierra & I always wanted to share the same stick or bottle as you can see in these clips below.

River Crake

Coniston Water at High Nibthwaite

Levers Water

Daisy RIP

I lost my best friend the morning of the day we went to the Lakes. She was a lovely lady, so tolerant and patient with me. I was always very excited when I stayed with her.
Here we are as I will always remember her. She had a very good life once she was rescued by Grannie who gave her the love and confidence she needed.