Friday, 26 June 2009

18 months old

I am now 18 months old and 25 kilos. Here is a picture of me and another flat-coat on my last visit to Newbury. For a flat-coat that's supposed not to like other flat-coats, I thought he was very friendly!


Daddy didn't tell me there was a muntjac on this walk in Newbury (Lambourn Valley Way through Donnington Grove golf course) and I missed it, darn it! I suppose that makes up for times when I see or smell something and Daddy doesn't (which is most of the time). It is a bit blurred as he took it on his mobile phone and blew it up. According to Wikipedia, muntjacs are 13-35 million years old. Wow!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

More pics from the Lakes

Whee! I love jumping off the pier.

Me and sheep - I can take them or leave them. It all depends what else is on offer!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

I've got a rosette!

Well, we got back from the Lakes yesterday and today we went to school for my Kennel Club bronze award. And guess what? I passed! 7 out of 9 of us passed and we are promoted to the silver class when we meet again in three weeks time - phew!

Now that is what I call a walk!

On Monday, we returned to the Langdale Valley and walked up Rossett Pike, Esk Pike, Bow Fell and Crinkle Crags. The best thing was that we found loads of tarns to bag. Sometimes, Daddy found them before I did, but not often! The worst thing was the 'bad step' which I opted out of.

My favourite walk in the Langdales at EveryTrail

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Rossett Gill
Rossett Pike

Esk Pike
Bow Fell
Three Tarns

Shelter Tarn
Unnamed tarn on Crinkle Crags
Crinkle Crag Tarn
On the highest Crinkle Crag
You cannot be serious!
'Bad step'
Stonesty Tarn
Great Knott Tarn
Red Tarn

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Brock Barrow

This is a short walk we did on the Saturday before the Lake Bank Boat Club Barbecue. Both were great fun.

Brock Barrow at EveryTrail

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View of Lake Bank from the top of Brockbarrow.
Resting at the top of Brockbarrow and admiring the view.
Swimming in Allan Tarn.

Beacon Tarn and Beacon Fell

Beacon Tarn and Beacon Fell at EveryTrail

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Another walk in the Howgills

This walk started and finished at the Black Swan in Ravenstonedale.

A local walk from Ravenstonedale at EveryTrail

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David's last Dewey

I enjoyed this walk as there were 16 people to keep tabs of. Pity there were sheep everywhere so I was on a lead all the time.

David's Final Dewey in the Howgills at EveryTrail

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Monday, 1 June 2009

A great day in Exmoor

Well, I've now sampled the delights of Exmoor. What a great place - the sea at Porlock Weir (and pub lunch) followed by a walk by the river in Horner Wood (and cream tea). Could not be better, except of course the Lake District where I am returning tomorrow - yippee!