Friday, 29 February 2008


I have mastered climbing the stairs, even when Daddy is downstairs. (I have not mastered 'stay' yet!) But coming down is a problem on my own.


Here I am singing along to the organ yesterday. Daddy's playing was awful, so I thought I would let him know.

As you can see, I am still getting used to my collar.

Thursday, 28 February 2008

Vacuum cleaner

Who invented the vacuum cleaner? Vacuuming is Daddy's least favourite job and I don't like the noise. I think it should be banned, at least in my house. I am glad I have my den to go to when something like that happens.

Pets Get Slim campaign

Oh dear! Daddy was listening to the Today programme this morning and there was an item on the RSPCA Pets Get Slim Campaign. I hope he doesn't cut back on my food. I need all I can get while I am growing up!

Wednesday, 27 February 2008


I visited quite a few friends in the village and saw some of their neighbours this morning and had another trip into Thornbury this afternoon. When I got back I saw some callers and more friends. Is this what is called socialisation? I have had some lessons on 'lie down' and 'down' but there are rather a lot of temptations around. And it's very confusing - what if I am asked to 'sit down'? As you can see here, I found something new to chew - Daddy's running shoes.

He then decided I ought to have a rest which I am doing in my den but I have got my beady eye on him. He has taken the opportunity to tidy up, but what's the point?


Who was it that recommended carrots for my chewing? That was a brainwave. I had one yesterday and really loved it, and this morning I found out where they are kept and asked for another one. Trouble is, they make my poo attractive, so I am going to be restricted to one a day.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008


This afternoon, I went into Thornbury for Daddy to do some errands (what does that mean?). I waited patiently in the car and then we went to Thornbury Church. I had a great time walking with my lead around the churchyard and inside the church. It was very exciting seeing and hearing a lot of new things. Fortunately, Daddy did not play the organ - he is breaking me in gently! I have dictated this and I am now soundly asleep at Daddy's feet.

Another friend

Went to coffee at a good friend of Daddy's this morning ('Auntie' Elizabeth) . She gave me a toy and an outside water bowl with "MAN'S BEST FRIEND" written on it. That was very good of her. I liked her garden - it has a big lawn and lots of frogs. Sorry there are no photos, perhaps next time. Anyway, here's the bowl in my garden.

My first dry night

Last night I was very good. I didn't make a noise until I heard Daddy get up at 6.45. And I didn't spend a penny in my crate. But I was bursting when I got up.


Last night, I found loads of wet slippery things that jumped in the air. So that is what I have been hearing splashing in my pond. They obviously like the rain. I picked one up and it wriggled and Daddy asked me to put it down again. He would have loved to have taken a photo.

Monday, 25 February 2008

9 weeks

I'd rather not do this blogging lark myself so I have delegated it to Daddy. I would much rather be outside - it is much more fun. I can't wait to have my second jab and then I can go out for walks.

Busy weekend

Had a very busy weekend in Newbury and met Daisy for the first time. She was very tolerant of me but puts me in my place when I get too pushy. I think I know the lie of the land now! It was a great place to be, Grannie. Sorry about my mess, but I did not like the chew. I found another funny duck and I liked all your friends who came round! I am told Daddy will be getting advice from one of them, Wendy, a Guide Dogs for the Blind puppy walker - respect!

Some more friends

Saw some of Daddy's friends on the way to Newbury. I am looking forward to being looked after by them very soon as they have a great garden and a funny duck.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

My first swim

I had a great time this morning. I jumped full length into the pond and loved it! I found the only part that wasn't covered. It was the shortest way from A to B, so why bother to go round? I have been dried off and am resting quietly before my next social engagement.

Friday, 22 February 2008

A new friend

Had a nice boisterous play with my new friend Tyson. He was a good boxer, well, Jack Russell!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

My pedigree

Here is my pedigree...
...and here is my registration certificate.

A quiet day

Having a much quieter day today as I am rather tired after yesterday, but it has been interesting. I was carried to the post box and saw some strange noisy moving metal objects on the roads. I had two accidents today but that was Daddy's fault for not getting the hints. Had some lessons on 'sit' and 'fetch' and I am earning some nice treats! I also heard the organ played for the first time so I decided to sing along, much to Daddy's amusement. I might make a CD. As you can see I have been reading 'Helmet', the village magazine, and having fun with shoe laces and waste paper baskets. But the best news of all is that I have been told I can have a big increase in my food at meal times. Yippee!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

First innoculation

I had my first visit to the vet (Mel) at The Coppins today for my first innoculation. She was very nice and it didn't hurt. I have to go back in two weeks and then I can go out and about! I now weigh 5kg.

Meanwhile, I have been keeping busy as you can see, and booking my social diary. Mel said that now is a good time to get used to the outside world even though I shouldn't walk outside the garden. So I might get carried around and meet other dogs. I met the bin man today (I didn't like the wheelie bin sound) and two dogs. I was a bit frightened by one of them.

Monday, 18 February 2008

Coming to White Cottage

Well, what a day! I am now 8 weeks old. I had my first car journey which was very soporific after I got over my first anxious moments. I was very good at the petrol station on the way. I have investigated White Cottage downstairs and the garden - dipped my toes in the water and chewed a few plants. I am making myself at home but it is tiring. I am glad I have got a safe bed to myself, but I think I will miss my human parents, my mummy and brothers and sisters.

PS Thank you Daisy for Marcus - see you soon!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Waiting to go home

Here we are waiting to go home. Where am I?

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Friday, 1 February 2008

Derivation of my name

Apparently, I am named after the famous cricketer Ted Dexter, a hero of Daddy when he was young - many years ago now!
I am told there was a Colin Dexter as well, who wrote the Inspector Morse novels. I suppose I might go to Oxford one day, but I am not named after him. I am too clever.
I am NOT a cow. If you want to know about Dexter cattle, I suggest you go elsewhere!
I am NOT a tractor. If you want to know about Fordson Dexta tractors, I suggest you go here!
There is however a television series named after me!
Dexter also means right in Latin - better than Sinister, which means left, a good name for a cat!

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