Friday, 29 May 2009


I can now sit/stay and down/stay for a minute! I have managed it in both the last two weeks training sessions. It takes a big effort on my part, especially when my friends are undergoing the same torture. The big day - the bronze award - has been changed to June 10th and I can make that, unless I can think of an excuse in the meantime! So, wish me luck!


I was really naughty the other night. I couldn't stop barking and would not come inside to go to bed when Daddy asked me too. You see, I found this prickly ball and it moved of its own accord. I hadn't seen one before and I didn't know what it was. Well, it transpired it was a hedgehog. Daddy says he was pleased I didn't pick it up!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Wye Valley Walk leg 2

We walked our second leg yesterday from Whitebrook to Yat Rock. This was great as we followed the river all the way and I got to swim ever so many times. There were lots of people throwing sticks into the river for me.
Wye Valley Walk leg 2 at EveryTrail

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I was really bold today. These cows came running at me and they were really big. I barked and ran through the stile and then barked again. I am glad they couldn't reach me though.

Another cat

Shame I was on a lead. I would have seen to this blighter.

Making hay while the sun shines

My favourite spot

Here is my favourite spot in the Lake District. I think you can see why.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Lake District 11 May

This was the best day of the lot. We wanted to climb Lingmell as promised for the Wainwright Society, but the weather was so good, we climbed Great End and Scafell Pike as well.
Scafell Pike from Wasdale via the Corridor Route at EveryTrail

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On the way up to Sty Head

Styhead Tarn
On the way up to Lamb Foot Dub

Lamb Foot Dub
Come on, what's keeping you?
Great End
Scafell PikeView of LingmellLingmell
Middleboot Knotts Tarn
Piers Gill

Lake District 10 May

Stake Gill

Martcrag Moor Tarn

Stake Pass Tarn

Pike O'Stickle

Loft Crag

Harrison Stickle

Thunacar Knott

Thunacar Knott Tarn

Pavey Ark

Stickle Tarn

Descending Stickle Ghyll
A very interesting day - we had all weathers and we met SARDA. the Langdale Pikes we climbed were Pike O'Stickle, Loft Crag, Harrison Stickle, Thunacar Knott and Pavey Ark.
Langdale Pikes at EveryTrail

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Lake District 8 May

Today was windy and we decided not to climb high. Even so, the wind was very strong.
Cat Nest & Great Burney at EveryTrail

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Knittleton Tarn (small)

Knittleton Tarn (large)
Great Burney

Lake District 7 May

As the weather forecast was not too good today and the clouds were low, we decided to walk round Coniston Water for the first time. This is 14 miles. I had to be on the lead most of the way round because we were on a road or near sheep. Daddy said this has helped my training; I don't pull so much now!
Circuit of Coniston Water at EveryTrail

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Lake District 3 May

Today, we did a short walk up Beacon Fell, past (and in, of course) Beacon Tarn and up Wool Knott, another geriatric Wainwright.
Beacon Fell and Wool Knott at EveryTrail

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Beacon Fell
Beacon Tarn

Wool Knott

Lake District 2 May

This walk took in all the Coniston fells apart from Wetherlam which we did last November, ie Greyfriar, Great Carrs, Swirl How, Brim Fell, Coniston Old Man and Dow Crag. I managed to swim in Seathwaite Tarn and Blind Tarn on the way round which was very refreshing. It was very busy on the tops because of the Coniston Fell Race.

Coniston Fells from Seathwaite at EveryTrail

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Seathwaite Tarn

Grey Friar

Great Carrs

Swirl How

Brim Fell
Coniston Old Man

Dow Crag
Blind Tarn
Walna Scar