Sunday, 28 June 2015

Posted to facebook - one feed or two?

I have a question about feeding flatcoats. I am a bit worried that I am feeding Dexter too much. Dexter is 7 and creeping over 30kg. He was 28Kg when he was neutered at the age of 2. The vet said then that he should be kept to that weight. I feed Dexter twice a day on James Wellbeloved kibble plus some cooked chicken (and some toast at lunchtime!). I am thinking of reducing this to one meal a day in the evening. Do you feed your flatcoat once or twice a day, plus treats of course? The consensus was definitely two feeds a day.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Relaxing after one of my favourite walks this morning - round Thornbury Golf Course and then back via a friends' house for a good licking!

Old habits die hard.

Old habits die hard.