Thursday, 14 August 2008

The vet

Daddy went to see my doctor this afternoon. I refused to go in the car....

So Daddy went on his own and left me at home. I have run out of worming tablets, so he got some more for me. Sounds a good idea, as I do pick up all sorts of rubbish.

While there, Daddy asked some questions:

1 How can I be trained not to chase sheep - baaaa! The vet recommended walking on a lead in a sheep field as much as possible and being repeatedly held back and told no. Also, a collar might work - no, not an electric collar (they are banned apparently), but one that vibrates. You can get them on eBay, and he's found a few. Has anyone any comments about how useful they are? They're call training pagers!

2 When should I change from my puppy food? I should stay on puppy food until I am 12 months as I will still be growing then! (Since then, Daddy has spoken to James Wellbeloved and they said I should be on Junior now until 12 or 13 months.)

3 How can I be persuaded to go in the car? I am alright once I am in but I give Daddy the run-around when I think he wants to get me in the car. I am even suspicious of treats now. Daddy was advised to try giving me my meals in the car, put my bed in (or something like Daddy's t-shirt) and to put me in when we are not going anywhere.

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