Friday, 1 August 2008

Lake District

I'm now in the Lake District. Got here yesterday and I was very excited when I arrived. I dragged Daddy down to the lake (Coniston Water) after tea and again this morning. I am now asleep in a chair (tut, tut!) dreaming of ducks and sheep. The one downside is the tick treatment Daddy has put on my neck - Frontline. But here's hoping I don't get any ticks this time.

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Eldred Curwen said...

Purdey, the resident black labrador at these Lake District Holiday Cottages would love for you to come and play. At the moment we have a lovely springer spaniel in one of the cottages who Purdey has been entertaining all week! I hope her owners don't mind!

The most pets we have ever had for Purdey to entertain is 8. " of which were labradors so she even spoke the same language!

Hope you enjoy your travels...

Purdey's owner!