Monday, 24 January 2011

3 foxes

We heard an excrutiating howl on our walk yesterday morning and we had to investigate.  We saw what looked like a dog limping towards us and we thought that it had been bitten by something.  It turned out to be a fox, probably after a fight with another one.  There were three in the field altogether, so maybe two males were fighting over a female.  Anyway, I ran over and gave chase.  They all three saw me and ran the other way and jumped over a wall to continue their fight.  They were faster than me but it was a good sprint.  Daddy says he is pleased they didn't gang up on me because I would have come off worse!

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Amber-Mae said...

Hey Dexter! Remember me?

Oh man, foxes are dangerous. Never get too close to them again because they may attack & give you horrible boo boos & you don't want any boo boos so be careful next time k?