Wednesday, 9 April 2008


Daddy had a conversation with Wendy (see ...busy-weekend.html) over the weekend about food, walks and chewing and gave him some tips.

Food - Daddy said that I had not been eating all my kibble recently until he started adding gravy and 'human food'. She said Daddy was making a 'rod for his own back' whatever that means. Anyway I have been eating the kibble alright with some added water, so Daddy is going to do that. If I don't eat my food in 10 minutes I will have to wait until the next meal time. Maybe I am not a foodie.

Walks - I fear I might be walking too far and too much off the lead - too bad! Wendy agreed with the vet: half an hour at a time and not always allowed to run free. Daddy is going to see what the trainer says tonight - I think I will be starting some proper on the lead training.

Chewing - I do chew and bite a lot and Wendy's advice is to give me alternatives whenever I chew something I shouldn't. Daddy should also shout 'ow!' loudly if I chew his fingers (or ears, etc). I am getting the message but I do get excited when I am playing.

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